Block 2 Block Project - New Milton, Hampshire - 2018

This project was in partnership with Hampshire Cultural Trust, The Forest Arts Centre, and Arnewood School in New Milton, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project focused on using unique means to engage young people in the history of their town. The students would interact with their town using our highly detailed Minecraft model, adding digital content, and by the end of the project they have created a digital New Milton Museum that the community can continue to interact with and add too. ‘The final outcome will be an online collection to include oral histories in the form of film, photography and music. This will be accessible to the local community and can be added to over time.’ This project was also showcased at Microsoft, where the Education team got a chance to see the great things the young people had created.


English Heritage/Blockworks Love Castles Project, Dover and Kenilworth - 2018

We were brought into the Love Castles project by Minecraft build team Blockworks. They had been commissioned by English Heritage to create a Minecraft version of Kenilworth Castle, and design pre-built castle structures to enable young people to build their dream castles. We were brought in to run all day workshops at both Dover and Kenilworth Castles in August 2018. We were given the server by Blockworks, we then set up and facilitated 2 days full of Minecraft castle designs. This also included using our Oculus Rift so participants could experience Kenilworth Castle in Virtual Reality. 



Our Water Matters - South Coast - 2014 to 2018

We have been running this project since 2014, working with The Living Coast, Brighton and Hove City Council, and The University of Brighton. This project involves going into schools within the Biosphere and teaching young people about the unique water cycle within the area, using Minecraft. From Shoreham to Eastbourne, and back up to Ditchling, this whole area has a different water cycle to the rest of the country. In our workshops we work with school children and get them to go through the water cycle as a water particle. They start in the sea and must go through each stage within Minecraft, to help understand how water really works, and why it matters. 



'Newtopia' Leeds City Infrastructure - Leeds - 2018

The University of Leeds commissioned us to bring a new design of their city to life in Minecraft. Using their 3D data we made a highly detailed Minecraft model of ‘Newtopia’, a city designed by University students. We then showcased the model at an event in Leeds where people could use our Virtual Reality headsets to explore the map.


Brighton Science Festival - Brighton - 2016 to 2018

Since 2016 we have been running regular workshops at the Brighton Science Festival, at different locations across the city. For the festival we run our educational and environmental workshops, some of those being the Our Water Matters project. Other workshops have featured the Brighton Marina Map, where young people can create habitats for marine life, as well as learning redstone in Minecraft.


Brighton in Minecraft, Brighton - 2017

When we first started we built most of Lewes, by hand, in Minecraft. We had always wanted to build Brighton, but didn’t have the time to build it by hand. Once we won Innovate UK’s Innovation in Urban Spaces Contest in 2016 we were able to spend time looking into how we can improve the way we work. This led us to using 3D data to create accurate real world spaces within Minecraft. In 2017 we decided to go ahead and start our Brighton Minecraft Map, using Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency, and other mapping data. We decided to crowd fund this idea, as we needed help in raising funds to enable this to go ahead. We launched our crowd funding campaign at British Airways i360 in May 2017. Following this we started to bring this map to life, the data allowed us to import the city into Minecraft with accurate building locations, heights, road and rail networks, and many more. We are still working on this map, but we use it in most of Brighton workshops, to enable young people to redesign Brighton!


Beyond Your Horizon, Brighton - 2017

Digital marketing agency Propellernet brought us in on the Beyond Your Horizon project, taking place at British Airways i360 during Brighton Digital Festival in 2017. The project was taking local young people from primary schools in disadvantaged areas down to BA i360 for a unique Virtual Reality experience. For our part of the project we ran workshops across this day using our Brighton Minecraft Map. Young people would come in through out the day and use our map to redesign the seafront area outside BA i360. 


1UP, Brighton - 2017

Since we launched as a company we have been getting help from, and working with, Long Run Works. We have been a part of a few events they have run, and they have always been there to advise us when it comes to our brand and future. In 2017 they ran 1UP! A unique event for young people in Brighton, funded through Our Future Cities and The RSA. We used our Brighton Minecraft Map and Virtual Reality headsets to work with local young people. On the day we had a physical version of our map, and young people would identify an area on the map that they used for activities. They would then build an improved version of this in Minecraft. We took all the data to showcase the most used areas in Brighton by young people, as well as how they would improve them. 


Place Maker Space, Brighton - 2016 to 2017

In partnership with The University of Brighton, Community21 and Exploring Senses we opened The Place Maker Space at FIELD BTN, where the old Preston Barracks were on Lewes Road. FIELD was opened by U+I and was used as a meanwhile space for local business’s and Brighton University before being redeveloped. As Community21 is a Brighton University Research Organisation they were able to get a space there, and invited us and Exploring Senses to join in the Place Maker Space experiment. Over 2 years we ran a multitude of workshops, sometimes with all the organisations together and sometimes as our own individual organisations. The aim of this space was to explore place making through different means, such as digital technology. 


A Place Called Home, Leeds - 2015

We were brought in by Yorkshire Building Society to create a project surrounding the idea of home. We built a Minecraft map of homes throughout history, going back to the mesolithic and neolithic eras, through Roman times, the industrial revolution, and up to today. Young people were able to explore this map, and have conversations with characters in the game who could tell them about what a home meant to them at that time. We then asked the young people to design their ideal home as it would exist today. Following this we ran through a series of envisioning exercises designed to make the young people think about what they will want when they are older, and then asked them to design their ideal home of the future. 


St. Swithuns School - Winchester - 2018

We ran a series of workshops across a day at St. Swithuns School with both junior and senior students. Architecture firm JTP are working with the school on plans to redevelop and improve certain areas of the large space, and wanted the students input. Over the day we worked with just under 100 students, getting them to come up with ideas for the outdoor school grounds, and improvements and changes to the buildings within the grounds. Each group worked together on our Minecraft model of the school, to come up with unique insights and redesign their school, their way. The students then fed back their ideas the following day to a panel of experts, architects and stakeholders. 


Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust - Brighton - 2018

B&HCLT brought us in on a project surrounding the Coldean area of Brighton, where we ran a workshop at the Trust for Developing Communities ‘A Way A Day’ event - A multicultural health and wellbeing event open to everyone from minority ethnic backgrounds in Brighton and Hove. We gave a group of young people at the event the task of designing the planned community build in the Coldean area.



The Barge - Brighton Marina - 2017 to 2018

We are a delivery partner and have been running a wide variety of workshops on The Barge at Brighton Marina since it launched in 2017. The Barge is a not-for-profit community and youth space owned by The Goodall Foundation. They also sponsored our Brighton Minecraft model by funding us to build Brighton Marina in the map. For one specific project we were hired by The Goodall Foundation to run engagement workshops with a group of adult stake holders at Brighton Marina. 



Holloway Boulevard Project, London - 2017

We were commissioned by architecture firm JTP to run an engagement workshop with local school children in the Holloway Road area of London. We spent the day getting young people to input their digital designs onto the new ‘Holloway Boulevard’ model. This added JTP’s design charrette, where adults where putting forward their ideas. The digital model proved to be very similar to the adults plans, with creative and useful ideas such as large pavements, easier road crossings, and no smoking areas. 


Derby QUAD, Derby - 2016 to Present

We were approached by Derby QUAD, a creative centre and events space, to run engagement workshops at their centre. We first began working with them in 2016 and continue to run workshops with them once or twice a year. Some of the workshops include getting young people to redesign Derby, specifically the centre, exploring what their home means to them, and general engagement workshops. One project we ran together was all about past and present, so we asked older residents and the young people’s older family members to join the workshops and bring photos of Derby when they were growing up. In these intergenerational workshops the older participants would discuss what Derby used to be like and young people would design what they would like the future of the place to be. 


The Bevy, Brighton - 2017

The Bevy is the country’s first community owned estate pub, funded by over 700 shareholders and revamped by loads of local volunteers. We were lucky enough to be a part of their summer event to showcase the new pub, where lots of other community organisations were present. We run a series of workshops across the day with local young people where we got them to redesign Bevendean the way they wanted it, as well as the pub. These workshops were drop in and we ended up with tons of amazing designs.


Maker Faire, Newcastle 2015 - 2017

In 2015 we headed up to Newcastle to be a part of Maker Faire UK, hosted at the Life Science Centre. That year we had a set of tables in the main event, where we ran drop in workshops and Virtual Reality experiences. In 2016 we were asked to come back, but to run pre-booked workshops in a specialist area of the faire. Over 2 days we worked with hundreds of young people, showcasing our water cycle workshops, and our engagement workshops. In 2017 we were again asked to run these workshops, but also to come up the previous weekend to run even more workshops at the pre-Maker Faire event. Over 2 very busy weekends we ran a new set of workshops. These included an updated version of our water cycle experience, Newcastle specific engagement workshops, and pixel art workshops where young people would learn how to create giant works of art within the game. 


U+I, Brighton - 2016

Whilst we were at The Place Maker Space, developers U+I hired us, Community21, and Exploring Senses to run a series of engagement workshops. For our part we looked at different themes around space within Brighton. In one set of workshops we were exploring what ‘play’ meant to young people in Brighton, where they could currently play, and how they would improve the city to enable more spaces to play. The other set of workshops were themed around ‘dream’ and how young people could redesign Brighton to be their dream city. 


Valley Gardens Redevelopment, Brighton - 2015

We ran a series of in depth engagement workshops with local young people on this project, in collaboration with Community 21, The University of Brighton, and Brighton and Hove City Council. Across multiple weekends we worked with participants to create their vision of the Valley Gardens area of Brighton. We worked with them to go through a series of envisioning exercises, enabling the groups to come with a collaborative vision for the area. We built a model of the current Valley Gardens site, and also a model using the designs from the council on what the site may become. The young people then bought their ideas to life in a series of digital maps.